Welcome to GrenVet Island Veterinary Services!

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with the mission to provide low-cost mobile veterinary care to Grenadian farmers and pet owners by veterinary professionals, dedicated to offering their services to those in need.

We currently have an Indiegogo campaign running for our November 2014 clinic. Please check it out and donate!

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Three Day Clinic Reached! Donate to Add More Days

Our Indiegogo campaign is now over! We’ve raised $5000 from our wonderful donors – we can have a three day spay and neuter clinic for our trip in November through these donations.

We’d love to extend our stay, though! We’ve started a new fundraising campaign on YouCaring.com to have more days spent helping the animals of Grenada. Any donation you can give helps to support more animals on the island, so click on the campaign to the right to learn more!

Next Trip in November

Our next trip to Grenada is on the books! We will be having a spay/neuter and wellness clinic this November. We will be holding a clinic in Sauteurs and St. Patricks, location and time to be announced.

Please help us raise funds for the trip by clicking here to donate at our Razoo page. We will also be accepting donations of gently used leashes and collars.

Thank you for your support!